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What sets you and your company apart from the competition is the quality of your designs. Getting your message across the right way through creative and innovative designs is my area of expertise. Design is not a “one-size-fits-all” type of service, I focus on translating your idea into a “one-of-a-kind” type of design so that your clients and customers understand that you are above the competition.


A logo is the face of your company. It is the first thing anyone sees about your company. The only way it will be remembered is if it is different and catches the attention.


“Print is dead!” No it’s not and it most likely won’t be going away anytime soon. From business cards to rack cards and any other promotional material, print is here to stay and you need it.


Screens are everywhere, and where there is a screen, there is potential for you to have your message on it. With limitless speed, digital marketing is at the highest it has ever been!


logo design

dakar academy

Brand new school logo

business cards


Redesign of BAEC’s business cards for a fresh, new look

Designing for nearly 10 years

Never too early to start

In sixth grade, I accidentally downloaded Adobe Photoshop. I started playing with it and, eventually, couldn’t get enough. I wasn’t good right away but thankfully YouTube was there to save the day. From self-taught, to class lessons, to real-world experience, learn more about how I got where I am today.


“Working with Jony has been such a pleasure. His skills are strong, proven, and vast. He learns fast. But, his work ethic is unmatched. He takes on challenges that are both difficult and mundane with a positive attitude. I don’t intend to let Jony out of my sights anytime soon. He’s a huge asset to our team.”

Kyle Johnson

CEO, Blackwood Creative and Zipp Printing

Jony possesses excellent communication skills. He has a good work ethic and is responsible and honest. Jony has shown a great ability to connect with people. Furthermore, he goes out of his way to know people on a more personal level and has demonstrated an ability to relate/connect with diverse individuals from various backgrounds and races.

Thiago Pinto

Head Coach, Bethel University Men's Soccer

I reached out to Jony for a special project that needed a quick turn around and from start to finish, Jony was great to work with it. The bonus was that the project turned out great and my boss was happy.

Cherilyn Snodgrass

Office Administrator, Higher Ground Tree Care

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