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Every time I get asked the question “where are you from?” I tend to laugh a little before answering “well, that’s a loaded question.” 

 I was born in Brazil – land of the beaches, sun, and soccer. At age seven, my family and I moved to Senegal, to the most west point of the African continent. Eleven years later, after graduating high school, I moved to northern Indiana, in the United States, to pursue a degree in graphic design and marketing

In sixth grade, I accidentally stumbled upon Adobe Photoshop. Hundreds of YouTube videos later, I finally learned how to do things on my own without having to follow a step-by-step process. I did designs for friends and small things for my high school until I was given the opportunity to redesign my school’s logo. Then, I realized that this could be a real path for me.

Adobe experience

  • Adobe Illustrator 99% 99%
  • Adobe Photoshop 80% 80%
  • Adobe Indesign 90% 90%

Some people like to move around and always be looking for new and different adventures, I LOVE to sit down and be creative for long periods of time. 

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